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Do you have a goal?

Do you have a goal?

It could be a weight-loss goal,

a fitness goal,

or maybe even a goal to be free from medication that’s currently controlling a health condition.

In fact, it doesn’t even have to be health-related. 

It may be a career goal, an educational goal, a contribution goal…anything!

If you don’t then this message today is of no use to you,

so I bid you well…enjoy the rest of your day :)

Help me sleep!!!

Help me sleep!!!

My top tips to improve your sleep (without drugs, that will do you more harm than good!)

Do you sleep like a baby?

Or more like a large croc rolling its prey in the water…tossing and turning, wide awake and PRAYING that Mr Sandman would pay you a visit.

Not sleeping is no fun.  And if you have sleep issues, you won’t need me to tell you that.

Human too...

Human too...

I’ve been feeling the need to humanise myself a little just lately.

It’s all too easy (especially when you see all the ‘highlights’ on the likes of Facebook) for others to see just one side of you…and not the true you…the whole you.

So I want to share some things about me that you may not know, and if you’d like to share anything about yourself that humanises you, please feel free to join me.

Starting again on Monday?

Starting again on Monday?

All diets start on a Monday!

All exercise plans start on a Monday!

Start on a Monday and end on a what?... A Friday? Maybe even a Tuesday?

Every new week, every new month, every post-holiday used to be like that for me. A new opportunity to 'start again' and try a new fitness regime or a new diet.

And what happened?