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Register a new franchise

  1. First set up a new G Suite email account for the franchisee. The email address should be in the format If this is their second or third franchise then create them an alias of their original email account.
  2. Enter the location name and the new email address in the fields below and click submit.

  3. Write the new email address and temporary password down as your franchisee will need these to login for the first time.
  4. Copy the Franchise ID which is generated to your clipboard.
  5. Go to the Locations collection in the Squarespace editor and add a new item.
  6. Navigate to the tab labelled 'Locations' and paste in your Franchise ID, then click 'SAVE' (not SAVE & PUBLISH).
  7. You will need to visit the page at least once while logged in as the owner/admin for it to sucessfully link.
  8. That's it! Go back and update the location details in the collection when you are ready, then send the login details of the new account to your franchisee along with a link to the welcome page, where they will be able to login for the first time. You can find the email address and password in the 'Recent activity' section of this page.

Recent activity


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