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Pouring from an empty cup

Pouring from an empty cup

What are the consequences if we don’t look after ourselves? If we don’t take that control?

When we don’t look after ourselves:  eat well, exercise regularly, get enough sleep, where does that leave us?

In our experience it often leaves women, seriously far from good health.



What connotations does the word ‘nervous’ bring up? 

For many, a knot in the stomach, maybe a slightly nauseous feeling, sweaty palms, a racing heart, jumpy…none of which are particularly pleasant. 

What about ‘buzzing’?  That sounds like you’re full of excitement, anticipation of something fab, lively, stimulated, euphoric even! 

Now which of these words is going to make Catherine excited about walking onto that stage and getting our event kicked off in the best possible way?  It’s certainly not ‘nervous’ eh? ;-) 



Are you currently overweight but trying to become slim? 

Or are you already slim, with the faith that the evidence for such will come in good time? 

There’s a difference, a very big one.


When we set out on a journey to change in some way, we often pay little attention to how we identify with our self.


Whether we’re wanting to lose a few pounds or even a few stone; achieve a promotion at work; reverse a health condition or learn a new skill - we focus on the outcome.

Heart Disease & Women - 8 tips to a healthier heart

Some sobering facts you may not know about heart disease:

  • Coronary heart disease kills more than twice as many women as breast cancer in the UK.

  • There are 900,000 women living in the UK with coronary heart disease.

  • Over 450,000 women in the UK have had a heart attack.

  • Post-menopause, our risk of heart disease increases due to changes in our hormones.

We are going to follow this introduction with 8 tips to a much healthier heart!