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The 12 days TO Christmas: Day 8

Xmas Survival Tips Day #8

And R-E-L-A-X.....

All too often we get ourselves do worked up, making everything perfect for just one day of the year, that we forget what it's all about.

Stress has such a huge impact on our bodies, not least on our immune systems, so it's no wonder so many people are ill at Christmas time.

So the tree isn't perfect, the turkey's a little dry or the sprouts have been on for a bit too long....does any of that really matter that much?

Take the opportunity to grab some extra rest, re-charge those batteries, invest in giggles with friends, hugs with loved ones and simply ENJOY yourself, whatever you choose to do.

Chilling out and lowering your stress levels is probably the biggest health gift you can give to yourself ♥️