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The 12 days TO Christmas: Day 6

Day #6's Xmas survival tip involves moving that gorgeous bum of yours :-)

Whatever happens at Christmas time, it's pretty much guaranteed that more calories than usual will be consumed 😉

As weight gain (or loss) is, in it's simplest terms, all about calories in versus calories out, a simple way to minimise the waist expansion is to move more and hence use up more of those extra calories.

And there are some lovely ways to do that over the Xmas holidays:

  • Go for long walks with the dog, family or both...Poors Wood, Marshalls Arm, Delamere Forest, Tatton Park, Marbury Park...we really are spoiled for choice when it comes to walks.

  • Dance your socks off with your girlfriends at Xmas parties...or even at home.

  • Maybe do some online workouts with the kiddies...I'm sure they'd love to see how good your press ups are 😉

Whatever you do, move that bum as often as you can by doing something you ENJOY and get those extra calories to work 😃