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The 12 days TO Christmas: Day 3

Day #3 and the tip for today is so flippin' obvious but bare with me while I explain.

Today's tip is to eat LESS.

Told you it was obvious 😉 But let me explain what I mean by that.

We often think that the only way to save our waists over Xmas is to eat chicken breast and steamed broccolli whilst everyone else tucks into roast potatoes and mince pies.

It really doesn't and dare I say, SHOULDN'T be that way. We can all have what we'd LIKE to eat, provided we have less of it.

So think about stopping when you're actually full rather than stuffed (Day #1 tip will seriously help you with that one). Try having one roast potato with your dinner (the best looking one of course 😉 instead of 5. Use a smaller plate or if you have a large one, don't fill it or don't clear it.

We can all have a little of what we fancy...the key is the amount. Have a small amount, slow things down (see Wednesday's tip) and truly enjoy what you do have.