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The 12 days TO Christmas: Day 11

Nearly there peeps!! Just 2 more sleeps and Day #11 😃

Today's tip surrounds that much-loved subject of alcohol 😉

We all (or at least a lot of us!) like a drink or two...or three, over the Xmas hols.

While that can be fun at the time, the effects the day after can be pretty yukky, especially as we age and our bodies tolerate the abuse less and less.

And of course, that's not to mention the numerous calories that come with the tipples we enjoy. And the endless hunt for comfort food that often accompanies a hangover.

So a couple of tips to help you keep the calories down and the hangovers minimal.

Try alternating your alcoholic drinks with water (or another low-calorie soft drink if you prefer).

It's quite simple really - a glass of wine, a glass of water, a glass of wine, a glass of water. You'll still enjoy the wine but obviously you'll be hydrating yourself throughout the night and taking on board much fewer calories too.

Or drink longer drinks: spirits with low-calorie mixers or turn those wine's into wine spritzers with soda or similar.
Again, this serves the same purpose...adding some hydration and reducing your calories 😃

So, as you're probably gathering from the the general theme of these tips, ENJOY yourself and have what you fancy but if you DON'T want the hangover aftermath and to totally write-off your next day, try one of the tips above.

Cheers everyone!!