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The 12 days TO Christmas: Day 10

Wow - day #10...only 3 sleeps left peeps!!

Today's tip is for your party monsters out there or anyone going to an event where food is a significant feature.

Don't turn up to parties/buffets/restaurants ravenously starving hungry.

Have you ever noticed HOW and WHAT you eat when you're famished?

You probably bolt food down like it's a speed-eating competition and you most likely feel so hungry that you'd eat a rabid dog if it was the only option.

Joking apart, when we're THAT hungry, it's often the fattiest, most sugar-laden foods we home in on. 

While this is a perfectly normal and sensible survival tactic, it doesn't serve us hugely when we're trying not to overeat.

So ensuring you're not ravenous when you go to parties where food is available can be a really useful trick. 

You certainly don't have to be full but ensure you have some protein and veggies (maybe a chicken drumstick and some roasted peppers; a hard-boiled egg and some cherry tomatoes) just before you go.

You'll have the power to eat more slowly, you'll then be able to stop before you eat too much and you'll make wiser choices...all resulting in a much better outcome for your waist 😃

Then you'll feel fab to enjoy the rest of the party instead of being stuffed full, wanting someone to just roll you home and into bed 😉